DIY printable notebooks

Hello there!
Today I have printable notebooks for you!! Yay! I hand drew 2 of the designs, I just love them.
You can download the printable document here.
Here are the designs:

kitty saying meow + confetti

pineapple sunglass love + stripes

So lets get started!

1 // Print out the document, then either with a craft knife or scissors, cut around the edge of the design.

2 // Tape together 20 or more pieces of paper, then with scissors or a craft knife cut out a rectangle through all the layers, making sure its the perfect size of your notebook cover folded in half.

3 // Apply PVA or paper glue to the side of the gathered papers with a brush. Clip them together with bulldog clips, then let dry. This shouldn't take too long.

4 // Stick the back of the papers to the back inside flap of the cover. Enjoy your pretty new notebooks!!

Hope you liked this DIY. I love the designs! I just want to stick them on my wall!
Chloe x