ADVICE // new years

Hello today! yes its time for another ADVICE in the series - for new year! Isn't it so exciting, a new year, a new you, a new chance to... start over. I hope, as the Kikki.K calendars all say, '2014, this is your year'. So I have some tips for you, to prepare for your year and also make the most of it, while being realistic!

Tip 1 // Have some kind of organisation method e.g. a diary / calendar
Diaries are probably my favourite part of a new year - a new beautiful book for yourself.
some other forms of organisation methods are:
- calendars
- apps
- notebooks
- schedules
it really depends on what works for you.
This will majorly help you throughout the year to be calm and on top of things.

Tip 2 // have at least one, classic, resolution.
These are normally high expectations and seem to have a reputation for being unachievable, but my challenge to you is to set one that is absolutely achievable. One of mine for 2014 is to actually use my new diary this year - as every year so far I have kind of... failed.
This year / 2013 I wanted to do journal prompts every single day. As I found out a few weeks later, I was way too busy and forgetful to achieve that. Though the whole point of the challenge was to make time, I was too confused to. 
So, my point is to set one that will make you happy, and push you further towards something that you want to achieve, but not set a resolution that is out of reach. I'm sure you have lived long enough to know yourself, and what you can personally achieve. Good luck!

Tip 3 // Make it fun and so that you want to do it.
I think making things pretty really helps me want to do it. I like to use stickers, pretty pens and washi tape to decorate and organise because... why not?

Tip 4 // Make the most of it!
I probably sound really sad, but 2014 will only come once, you will only be this age once and yep. I sure am going to make the most of it!

Sorry this one was a bit short, I just want to say I am really looking forward to the new year and I hope we can all make the most of it. I also just realised that 2014 is my first year of NCEA (exams worth credits) which means I need to be in-the-zone!
Ahhh so much pressure. But lets just enjoy it while its the holidays (for Aus and NZ and some other places).

So I hope you gained some kind of motivation from this,
Have a great day and see you next time!
Chloe x