room mood board // building a house

Hello again!
So above ^^^ is a room mood board I made because... We are building a house... once again! If you are new to my blog (welcome!) you will not know that about 2 and a half years ago my family built a house (even though I don't think I have ever really talked about it). We lived in it for 2 years then we decided to sell it and build another house... right next door! But, it's not immediately next door, each section is about 22 acres (8 hectares) so we are not really that close. And we kind of live half way up a mountain so... yeah.

Anyway, the new house is nearly finished, we have just completed painting and the kitchen is half in, and the move in date is less than one month away! I have been planning my DREAM room for literally YEARS now and I think it is all coming together!!

So far my plan/what I have bought is...
- 2 ikea beech trestle legs for my desk (ohhh so lovely!)
- white ikea curtains with trees and birds on them
- transparent ikea curtains to filter the harsher light (I just love a softer light for photography and stuff!)
- a 4 tiered shelving unit
- 2 ikea shelf brackets
- lots of frankie and yen posters yay!

What I really want to make/get...
- terracotta pots for succulents on my window sill
- either a dotty or tree patterned cushion
- a bed :)
- a wire basket
- origrami prints to make bunting
- metal geometric bin
- branch hooks for scarves
- spice rack for brushes, etc (I might do a tutorial??)

Hmmm. Its coming together! I will take some pics of the before and after for you, and I might do a home tour because I love it so much! We have white-washed plywood ceilings, and our theme is green. I am also painting a giant agave for the fireplace! Ooooh I'm excited!

Also, I have been really liking Lorde at the moment, I know I know everyone does. But I'm just so proud because she is a kiwi! Yay! My favourite songs of hers at the mo are: White Teeth Teens, The Love Club, Glory and Gore, and Team. Yep I know its a lot but she is just great. SO original!! I love her!

Have a great day!
Chloe x