Hello everyone.
I only just realised that it had been 10 whole days since I last posted. Ooops. Sorry about that.
My exams are over though (yay!) so I can relax a little bit more than before... but I have 2 more NCEA assessments to complete (drops to the floor in pain).
I hope YOU are doing well? I know that most exams aren't over yet so good luck and keep going!! It's all so we can become epic people in the future though... just remember that. I looked into what requirements you need to get into art college, and you need english and other stuff so i'm not very happy about that!

There have been a few changes around here - just to refresh the design, I have a new header, links section (all the little doodles at the side), pinterest hover button on all images so that you can click on it and pin the image, and... I have taken off all ads. Before you protest, there is a reason, I am getting excess emails about ad swapping, and I don't want a very clogged up, busy sidebar, so all my favourite blogs are on a page called 'blogs' with a link at the very top of the page. I still want to support all the beginning and experienced bloggers but I think it is best that the links are definitely still on my blog, but not busying up the sidebar. Thank you for your understanding!

Now, I am going to leave you with a few happy thoughts of inspiration...

Amy Borrell is one of my new favourite illustrators! Her watercolours are just the best.

Society 6 has the BEST cushions.

Lots of love,
Chloe x