DIY // watermelon coin purse

Hello! Today I have a super duper cute DIY for you - a watermelon coin purse!! Oh so cute!
Here is how you can make one yourself!

you will need: pins // pencil // zip (mine was about 12cm or 4") // scissors // green fabric // pink fabric // liner fabric.

Optional: bias binding to make the insides neater

Not pictured: either a sewing machine OR needle and thread.
(my bloomin' sewing machine wasn't working so I had to hand stitch all of it!!)
and some black embroidery thread.

1 // lay your zip onto your pink fabric and draw a semi circle like the one above from each end of the zip. This will give you good seam allowance.

2 // Cut that shape out of the pink and, using it as a template, cut 2 green semi circles and 2 of the liner fabric semi circles. It is a good idea to iron them before you start sewing because it makes them much easier to work with.

3 // Cut a very small semi circle out of one of the green pieces, then, with about a 5mm to 1.5cm seam allowance, cut triangles up to the point where you want your green to be. Does that make sense?! Just follow the picture!!

4 // Now, fold over each of the triangles and tuck them in, then pin them. Like above. Make sure you have a smooth curve.

5 // Sew along that edge

6 // Next, with your watermelon face up, pin your zip on face down. Make sure you pin it right - keep checking by lifting up the side of the zip closest to you and seeing if the semicircle is the right size/shape.

7 // Pin the liner fabric face down onto the zip, matching the top of the zip to the top of the liner fabric.

8 // Sew straight along where you pinned, then fold over the two flaps so they are right side up and you can see the other side of the zip. Put it how you see above (liner side up, zip facing down) and lay it over the other green semicircle, matching the top edge of green to the top edge of zip.

9 // Lay the second liner semi circle face down on top and pin along the edge, then sew again. Flip everything the right way up.

10 // Now it's time to sew on some little seeds! Don't go through the liner fabric! Use thick black embroidery thread (or just double up your black thread lots) and make random little dashes. Keep ironing as you go.

11 // Flip over the two sides so that the liner is facing out and the zip is level. With your pencil, draw from the metal end of the actual zip to the other end of the zip, a semi circle. Pin everything together. REMEMBER to leave the zip half open or you will not be able to turn your purse inside out!!

12 // Sew along the semi circle you drew. Cut about 5mm from the sewing and cut some little dashes in from the edge towards the sewed line to make the round edges look neater when you turn it inside out. Also - this is where you would sew on bias binding.

13 // Open the zip fully and turn it inside out. Iron it and there you go!! The most adorable little watermelon coin purse you'll ever see!

Oh just look at the cute-ness! I love how my liner fabric looked like the inside of a watermelon too!! This is the perfect size for coins, lip balm, hair accessories or whatever you want!! I just LOVE it!
I hope you have a go at making one for yourself or as a gift!! They are really fun and easy to make, and the end result makes you so proud!! I mean, I HAND sewed this so It really isn't hard!!

Have a great, fruity day!
Chloe x