What's in my pencil case?

OH yes. YES I did. I finally got the pencil case of my dreams - from my wish list. Oh it is wonderful. Oh me and stationary! I had to order online to get this gosh - but it was worth it! It is just... ME. Oh wow!

SO.. anyway, today I am showing you what's in my pencil case! I got this fabulous idea from Zali's amazing post here.

This is my pencil case for at home, because I have a school one too. But this one is prettier inside and out!

1 // Moleskine notebook - this is the small one, it fits perfectly in so I can write notes and doodle randomly without having to scavenge around for an un-used piece of paper.
2 // Size 1 watercolour paintbrush - it's my favourite because it's good quality and I like to do the details the most!
3 // A mini glue stick - always handy for cuttin' and pastin'
4 // Chapstick - oh those days where you get agonisingly painful lips for no apparent reason.
5 // Staedtler 0.1 fine line pen - just my favourite for drawing, writing and details.
6 // Silver sharpie - to add some pizzazz to stuff
7 // Kikki.K ballpoint pen - it's pwetty
8 // Craft Knife - handy in times of straight cutting needs
9 // Typo pen - another pwetty pen
10 // Kikki.K pen set - just pwetty

11 // Sticky bookmarks - useful for those really overwhelming inspiring books.
12 // Mini pack Stabilo 0.4 coloured fine liners - to colour!
13 // Kikki.K pen - ... pwetty
14 // Gel pen refill pack - when your pwetty pens run out of ink
15 // A touch screen cleaning cloth - little fingerprints!
16 // Hair ties and bobby pins - useful for ... hair!?

And this... I love it! So so gorgeous!!

Anyway, that is it!

What's in your pencil case?

Chloe x