ADVICE: journaling / notebook keeping

OMG!! A new series!! Yep, that's right. It's a good one too! It's called 'Advice'. It started from the survey when literally everyone asked a question about my advice on something. So, now I am doing a series that I hope will answer all your questions!!

Today's advice topic is journaling! I really like this one because you can be so creative and adventurous. I have a few tips, prompts and inspirers for you!

Tip 1:
Decide what type of journal you would like.
I have split it into these types (you can choose more than one!):
- Diary > write everyday, your thoughts, adventures and inspiration.
- Note keeping > keep track of things to do, buy etc.
- Time planner > plan your hourly or daily happenings so you feel organised and ready.
- Inspiration keeper > collect snippets of inspiration from everywhere you go, like images.
- Sketchbook > draw, doodle sketch to your hearts content.

Tip 2:
Make or buy a journal that will be perfect for your type.
- Diary > buy a diary with enough pages for the amount of time you want to keep it, and enough writing space for each day.
- Note keeping > buy a book with lines, and plenty of pages, and maybe even sections for you to organise your lists by category.
- Time planner > buy a book with daily or weekly sections.
- Inspiration keeper > I recommend you buy a book with blank pages, and pockets to keep the loose inspiration before you stick it in.
- Sketchbook > buy a book with blank pages and reasonably good quality paper.
These places are great for buying journals:
Book Depository (moleskins)

Tip 3:
Source supplies according to your type.
Use one pen throughout your whole journal - it will look neat and be easy to read back on.
Or, if you are going creative and want to stick things in your journal, I recommend keeping a pencil case especially for your journal. In mine, I keep my colourful fine liner pens, highlighters, a mini glue stick and a black fine line pen I use for writing.

Tip 4:
Make a journal worth looking back on.
I am inspired all the time. I love to write down my thoughts and stick in printed out pictures from pinterest. I make mood boards and collect images that I can 'brainstorm' from. Pretty much everyday I look back on my journal at the pretty images and notes.

Tip 5:
Write about significant things.
If you look back an read 'I had a wonderful day we went swimming' you are going to be like 'okay, thats lovely'. Whereas if you put just a little bit more thought into it you will remember the wonderful day you had and why it was wonderful. I came up with an idea that you can do (that is easy) that will make better memories.

Write these things in this order: (EXAMPLE)

WHEN: today
WHAT: swimming
WHERE: Golden Bay
WHO: cousin Molly
BECAUSE: she came to see us for the holidays
HIGHLIGHT: raspberry ice cream

So, It works out...
Today I swam at Golden Bay with cousin Molly. She came to see us for the holidays. I really enjoyed the raspberry ice cream we had. It was a wonderful day.

Don't you think its simple yet it gives you such a good memory of the wonderful day you had? Just try it!

Tip 6:
Your journal will look 100% better if you decorate it.
You can use:
- photos
- stickers
- washi tape
- different coloured paper
- drawings
- the possibilities are endless!

Tip 7:
Outline a structure for your writing.
In my journal whether I am writing notes, stories or titling a page, I format it the same so that it looks neat. First I write the title and simply underline it. You could highlight it, put a box or border around it of write it in a different colour to the rest of your writing. Whatever stands out to you. I like to caption photos too.

Mini Tips:
- highlight important titles or notes so that you will remember them and they are easy to find when you are looking back for them.
- Use book page markers (or scraps of tape or paper or paperclips) to mark where you are in your journal or even a page you would like to remember or go back to.
- If you are writing a to do list it helps to draw a little box at the start so that you can tick it off when it is complete. The satisfaction is the best.

If you simply cannot be bothered with keeping a diary, I recommend you get this.

PS. Do you like the GIFs?

Chloe x