ADVICE // exams

Today's advice topic is exams. I know you're thinking 'what'? But I know that is is the time of year for exams, tests, studying and revision - and it isn't easy. That's why I thought I would give some organising tips so that you can stay on top and get the best mark you can! Personally, I have never had a real exam until now - only practise ones so it's a bit of a shock for me, since it's the first time that a test actually counts for something. I realised I had to take it seriously! 

My exam is basically a test on EVERYTHING I have learnt this year. Your exam will probably be different - customise these tips to suit your learning methods and what you are being tested on.

I have a few tips on revising and organisation for you (and me)!

Tip 1:
Know your due dates and the exam dates.
make sure you ask if no one had told you what dates your exams are. You need to majorly plan ahead when preparing. For example, my exams are about 2 weeks away. I have just started to plan and revise.

Tip 2:
Come up with a method for revising that will be effective for you.
For example, I am revising by sticking 3 A2 pieces of poster paper on my wall - one for each exam topic - as seen in the first picture. I will write all the things I need to learn on each paper and write it colourfully and neatly - because I am a very visual person. I like to see things all together rather than just reading my exercise books. There are many more ways you can revise though...
- make cue cards on each fact that you need to remember. Make a schedule of when you will read through them like once a day or once in the morning and once in the afternoon.
- Simply read your notes from class over and over
- redo your exercises you did during class when you were first learning about the topic.
- do the revision your teacher suggests.

Tip 3:
One of the first steps is to gather all the useful resources/information/notes you can and put them into piles for each subject.
I am doing Maths, English and Science exams so I put all my books, sheets and workbooks into piles to read and take notes on later. It is just a small organising tip that helped me clear my mind a little from having all my random books and sheets lying everywhere around my room - sometimes organising your room is like organising your mind! (you may have already done this if you are naturally organised - lucky you!)

Tip 4:
Next go through each pile, reading first the things you will need to learn for your exam - my teacher gave me a little booklet on everything in each test - you can probably ask you teacher for that too! Then reading your notes and picking out what you need to learn. I wrote mine down and also highlighted the main things I need to remember!

Tip 5:
Write your main points you need to remember on your cue cards/paper.
Make sure you think about the format - you want it to be easy to quickly read - DON'T write paragraphs because when you are all stressed, who would want to read a long boring paragraph? Condense your points and write bullet points that are spaced out and easy to read.

Mini Tips:
- use colour. It is the best way to make your mind remember something - by colour coding and making it easier to read.

- try to write neatly - you will be reading over it lots and lots so it is best to put some effort in!

- give yourself TIME. If you start revising way before your exam it is so much easier. You will feel way more relaxed because you have time. If you start revising a couple of days before you will be super stressed and constantly reading and revising until your brain melts.

- be prepared on the day. The night before, thoroughly read over your notes and the next day be organised and bring all the supplies you need - like extra paper for scribbling and a pencil case full of way more pencils than you need. For maths exams remember your compass, protractor, ruler and calculator etc. - because you will not be allowed to use your phone!

- don't stress. It will make you nervous and pressurised and will most likely make you stuff up. If you are calm and ready, you will breeze through it. Some tips are: follow these tips!, make a schedule, still do what you want to do in your spare time, eat well (trust me don't go eating fatty foods straight before because you won't be able to concentrate!), sleep well and give yourself time to think!

Hope this helps! Remember all this and you will do great!

Have you got exams coming up or have you already had them?

Chloe x

P.S. - sorry this is a little bit of a different and boring post - but I know that many of us are under stress at this time of year and I definitely do not want to fail because I was not organised!