DIY wire hair bows

Hello, I have a very fun cute tutorial for you today! I am going to teach you how to make a wire hair bow! They are so easy to wear with buns, ponytails, plaits etc. and stay in place because of the wire! I hope you make them for yourselves because they are so easy to create. You could also try glueing it together instead of sewing. And you can make them in lots of pretty colours to match all your outfits!

You will need:

Sewing needle // wire // pins // ruler // scissors // fabric // thread


1 // Measure out 30cm of wire (I had to double over my wire about 4 times over to make it stronger because it was a bit weak.) and 32cm by 10cm of fabric (the 2 extra centimetres are for sewing excess.).

2 // Pin the fabric in half length-ways, with the inside facing out.

3 // Sew along the edge, with a point in each end like so (white line) and remember to leave some for turning it inside out.

4 // Turn it inside out using a pencil (or just your finger) and put the wire inside.

5 // Sew up the edge (it doesn't have to be neat) and you are done!

Styling ideas:
+ Make a top bun. Wrap the bow around and twist the ends together to create 'bunny ears'.
+ Wear it at the top of your pony tail.
+ Make a longer one and wear it as a headband.
+ Wrap it around your wrist as a cute accessory.
+ Wear it at the end of a plait.