1 year blogging!

Hello everyone, I am so excited that today is the day last year that I first posted on my blog! It has gone so super quick! One year already!? Its crazy because time seems to go ALOT faster now that I am older! The first post I did one year ago was a typical 'get to know me post' with just pretty pictures I had found on pinterest. The first DIY post I did was how to make a blog planning book! And I also remember knowing NOTHING about blogger and design and I didn't even know what html was or css!? I am so so amazed at how much I have learnt about it this year! And I am so so thankful that YOU chose to read my blog today… and maybe from the beginning? I seriously love you guys and please keep coming back! I am hoping that this blog just gets better and better because I seriously love it. And I have a special surprise… (not to bribe you or anything haha) when this blog reaches 100 followers I will be doing my first giveaway!! So please to click that little button on my sidebar!! I am not going to say anything else about it… only that I am super duper excited!! Hope you have a super duper day! Chloe x