watercolour experiments

i have been experimenting with watercolors quite a bit recently, as you will know if you follow my instagram. When I found out I was going away, I wanted to take some paints with me so that I could... paint. I was looking into buying one then my dad said he had a lot of watercolour stuff because he used to paint. I found his bag full of pan sets and brushes and there was one that was a bit ruined. I asked if I could use it on my holiday if I cleaned it and fixed it and he said yes... thanks dad! I love the colours so much. The brand is 'Van Gogh' which I think is perfect for my needs. I have been using it lots and learning a bit because I have never really done watercolour before properly and I have been wanting to for a while.

For paper I have been using Bockingford watercolour paper which is really good but I am running out!! I will definitely buy the same again though!

As my brush I am using a Faber-Castell watercolour brush that I got with my watercolour pencil set!

I would really like to get the Windsor and Newton Cotman Watercolour set - 45 half pan and a set of brushes sometime...

I made a color palette with the set I currently have which is just handy when you want to use or mix colors.