Pepper Zine 4

I some exciting things to tell you!

Here is Pepper Zine 4!!
I'm really sorry but the embed code just isn't working at the moment so here is the link: 
Pepper Zine 4
I really hope you like it!!


I am going to FRANCE!!!!
In 2 weeks!! AHhhhH I'm so so excited.
I am going to try to post every day while I am on the trip! (hopefully)
It is a really long journey so I should have time to prepare a post or two on the plane and then post it when I have internet!

The plan is...
In two weeks time we fly to Sydney, then to Abu Dahbi, then to Paris. We are staying the night in Paris with my Nanna and Grandpa, then flying to their house in Mur de Bretange and staying there for around 4 weeks! And I am there for my 15th birthday on August 5th! Then we do the exact same on the way back. Yay!

And there are more exciting things to come...
See you next time!