France: A quick little update

Gosh it is so hard to travel. I am exhausted. Right now I am in Abu Dhabi Airport with their free wifi! We have just done a 14 hour flight from Sydney to Abu Dhabi. We are just about to board another flight to Paris that is 7 hours. I can't wait ;). I had a good time in Sydney though. I went to an amazing shopping mall because we had to wait 9 hours for our next flight and I bought a 'few' things. Well... a bit more than a few. I went into so many gorgeous shops... I couldn't resist! I promise I will do a haul or something when I get into France. I also started my travel journal. It is going well and looks pwetty! I will post some pictures. Anyway... going on the plane now, sorry that was such a quick update but I will post again very soon!!