DIY raindrop bunting

It is time for a DIY! Today I have made printable raindrop bunting for you! It comes in two color themes, pastel and rainbow. To download the pastel edition, click here.To download the rainbow edition, click here. Below is the tutorial to make them! Have fun!

Raindrop Bunting

You will need:

print out // hole punch // string or cotton // scissors

1 // Cut out the 9 raindrops from the sheet.

2 // With the hole punch, punch holes over the white dots.

3 // Cut roughly two meters or string. Tie a knot like so at one end.

4 // Thread the other end of string through the first drop.

5 // Tie a knot so that the drop can swing freely.

6 // Tie on the remaining drops. Tie a loop at the end and cut off excess string. You are done!

I hope you liked this DIY. See you next time!
Have a great day!
chloe x