a little room tour

Wow I haven't posted in 2 weeks. I missed you guys! The reason for that is I have been moving. I'm sorry! So, for about a year we are renting a house, while we are building another one. So, we started with a very old (not the nice type of vintage) house. To make it better I gave my room a bit of a makeover... I started with a very dark room, with pink and green floral wallpaper, super-ultra patterned carpet (with mysterious stains) and red curtains. This is the result of the makeover...

I painted one wall mint (my favourite color) and the rest white. I got some plain calico curtains and stamped black triangles on them (you can't see them in the photos). I bought some carpet scraps from the local carpet shop, I found one big enough for the whole room. I bought a vintage headboard for my bed at the local recycling shop. I got the lamp from Ikea for $5. I made the giant chevron cushion. The vintage camera calendar was from Typo for $3. On my window sill I keep some glass bottles, candles and plants.

My mint wall! The lanterns are from Typo.

I got the moon chair from the recycling centre for $5. The sheepskin and blanket are from Ikea. I made all the toys and fluffy things. I recently have been saving up and bought an iPhone! In the blue box I keep little things like lip balm, my purse, hair ties etc.

The bunting is from Lala land. On this bookcase I keep pretty and useful things like pens, books, brushes etc. The boxes are from Ikea.

And my Mollie makes collection is building up! I definitely recommend them if you are crafty!

I hope you liked this post, I love decorating my room.
Hopefully I will be posting again very soon!
chloe x

- by the way, the pic up the top is of my cat Tom Tom. He is such a cutie! I love that picture so much with the mint wall and my vintage orange suitcase! -