new shop things

It seems to me that I haven't posted in a while, oops! But, I have been super busy. School is back (no!) and I have been buried in homework. Also, some excited things are happening...
I am doing a very exciting collaboration with the lovely Alyssa.
I am moving house, and temporarily renting a very old house, which I should be doing some DIYs on because we were told we could do whatever we like with it!
I have a new collection in my shop (I have not put it on etsy yet) here is a preview...

please tell me if you like them!! They are wood slices that I paint on and make into brooches. I am also making necklaces.
I made a few random things too, like body butter

as you can see, I am experimenting with minimalist packaging- I like it!
 hope you like them! I should be putting them on etsy soon...

Have a great day,
chloe x