decorate your sunglasses

Hello little birdies!
Today I will be showing you how to decorate your sunglasses. It is so easy and so customizable. You could do a pattern like I did, shapes or colour-block them!
Here is how:

you will need:
sunglasses // nail polish // toothpicks // masking tape

 Make sure the sides of them are plain and wide.

 Start decorating either with a toothpick or a thin brush - if you are doing details.
If you are colour blocking then tape the edge of the front panel, then paint the area you want.

Carry on making up patterns. I went for a kind of tribal - aztec look.

When you are finished, leave them to dry and it's that easy!
I stopped at the curve because you would't see it behind your ear. I also liked how it looked.
Have fun decorating your own!
chloe x