DIY feather necklace

Hello little birdies,
Today I have yet another fabulous DIY to share with you. Today I will show you how to make your own silver-dipped faux leather feather necklace! They look so very cool, I know that I will be wearing mine lots! Here we go...

you will need...

glue // scissors // silver or colored pen // thread and needle // chain // faux leather

1 // First, cut your leather into pieces that are 5 x 7cm. Then, cut them in half.

2 // Cut one of your pieces into a basic feather shape. Glue it to the back of the other piece. Cut around the shape of the feather.

3 // With a large needle, make a hole in the top of the feather, and attach a jump ring.

4 // Start sewing a simple running stitch down the centre of the feather. Turn around at the bottom and fill in the gaps, still using the running stitch. Cut slits in the side to make it look more like a feather!

5 // Color in the tip of the feather with a silver sharpie. Do this on both sides.

6 // Attach to the chain and you are done! Hope you get to make it because it is so easy!

chloe x