travel journal and going away

Today I made myself a travel journal, from a vintage book. On boxing day I am going to Australia! I am super excited! Here is what I did...

This is one of my crafty boxes ;) I love it so much it is in a vintage box too!

I used this book:

First I ripped out all the pages!

Then I used one of the pages as a size guide and cut out all my paper. 

I cut out 18 pieces and divided them into 6 sections of 3.

I sewed each section together, then held them tight

I put PVA glue all over the spine, compressed it under a book then left it overnight.

The next day I glued the first page of the paper to the inside cover of my book.

Finished! I will document everyday when I am there, I love doing journals! I plan to do a 2013 one soon...

chloe x