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I have been seeing all sorts or pretty garlands out there. They are an easy way to make a plain space look beautiful, plus you can make them in so many different ways!

Here is the inspiration for todays tutorial...


So simple and pretty...

The basics.

All you have to do is simply tie something to a piece or string. That is it!

Pom Pom Garland

you will need:

wool // scissors // string

1 // With two fingers, hold the end of a piece of wool, while it is still attached to the ball.

2 // Start wrapping the wool around your fingers, while they are spread apart.

3 // You will need to wrap it around quite a lot!

4 // cut the end off once you have enough, then cut a separate piece of wool about 30cm long through the gap between the wool and the palm of your hand and tie a knot around the centre so that you have two lots of loops either side. Slip it off your fingers.

5 // Cut through the loops. Make sure you don't miss any!

6 // Spread out your pom pom. Leave the two long bits you tied around the centre.

7 // Make lots. I made 6.

8 // Now, using the long bits, tie your pom poms to the string.

9 // tie them all on and you are done!

these are so cute and you can mix and match so many different colours!

chloe x