pinspiration // 2 // pillows


Lately, I have been seeing a lot of pillows on pinterest, particularly cloud shaped ones or birds etc... Here is the inspiration for todays tutorial...


Cute aren't they?! And, they are so super easy to make!

Today I will show you the basics of making a pillow, then teach you how to make a tear drop pillow.

The basics.

To make a basic, shaped pillow you need to cut out the shape you would like, bearing in mind that you need seam allowance and once it is stuffed it will have a different shape (it will be thinner). Cut two shapes and if you want, embroider any details on one of them. Lay the shapes right side together and pin. Sew around the edge leaving about a 10cm or smaller gap (depending on the overall size of your pillow). Turn the pillowcase inside out and stuff from the gap you left. Sew up the gap and you are done.

Making a tear-drop pillow

you will need:

embroidery thread // needle // fabric // pins // pencil // scissors // stuffing

1 // Cut out two pieces of fabric the same size.

2 // Lightly draw with a pencil, the outline of a raindrop.

3 // Cut out the raindrop.

4 //  Pin the raindrop to your other piece of fabric and cut out another one.

5 // Lay the pieces right side facing in, exactly on top.

6 // Pin them together

7 // Sew them together, leaving about a 5-10cm gap at the end.

8 // Turn it inside out

9 // Stuff it

10 // You can either do this step before or after you stuff it. Embroider eyes and a mouth onto your raindrop.

11 // Using a red pencil, lightly draw rosy cheeks if you want.

You are finished! Have fun making your own little shaped pillow!

See you next time,
chloe x