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I guess... It is time for another series! This one is called pinspiration. I will find things off pinterest that are cute, easy to make, pretty and inspirational, and I will post them here and teach you guys how to make something like it. I will not be copying them directly but just showing you ideas and techniques and versions of the craft. Sounds like fun to me!

There is a really cool trend going around on pinterest, you see it everywhere but you don't know how easy it is to do! All you need is a few supplies to create a wonderful, professional, hand stamped creation!
 Here is the inspiration for todays tutorial...

Hand Stamping

The trickiest part is making the stamp. If you can do that then there are endless possibilities!

Today I will teach you the basics of making a rubber stamp, Then I will show you how to make a tote bag and print your design onto it.

Making a rubber stamp.

rubber // craft knife // pencil

1 // draw your design

2 // cut off the excess rubber

3 // score about halfway through your rubber on the outside line.

4 // cut along the side so that a section will pop out

5 // pop out the section.

6 // do the same on each side.

these are some that I have made in the past.

Printing on a Tote Bag

something to print on // ink // stamp // paper and board

1 // slip board and paper inside tote so that the ink does not run through to the other side

2 // choose the colour of ink you would like to use first.

3 // press the stamp in the ink pad and make sure it is evenly and thickly coated

4 // press the stamp firmly onto the fabric and hold. Pull off carefully while holding the fabric down

5 // Stamp an even pattern.

6 // choose another colour and wipe the remaining paint off the stamp with a tissue

7 // apply ink and stamp more. you can use as many or as little colours as you want.

8 // wait for the ink to dry before pulling out the board and paper, then use as your fabulous new triangle tote bag.

hope you liked it!

see you next time,
chloe x