DIY Peter Pan Collars

Hello here is the tutorial for peter pan collars!

These are so cute and you can decorate them however you want. You could use sequins, pearls, beads, lace, whatever you want to spice up your outfit!

These are best worn with plain shirts or jumpers that have no detail or collars on them already. Simply tie the ribbon together at the back and you have an easy, fashionable collar.

You can find the template I used here:

I cut a pointed end instead of a square end, and cut on the inside line.

How to make a collar

you will need:

I used gold/bronze coloured sequins.

how to:

1 // Pin the template to the felt and cut out two.

2 // Arrange roughly where you want your sequins, then sew them on.

3 // Sew together the two pieces securely.

4 // Sew on the ribbon to each side, I used approx. 38 cm of ribbon each side, long enough to tie round your neck.

remember, you can always use glue!

This is my finished collar:

and my other one looks like this:

Have fun!

Also... update... I now have my own laptop! I am super happy!

See ya next time...
chloe x