Mini DIY 1: Hair bows

Hello everyone!
Nice to talk again... So, I am starting a new series type thingy. I first had an idea to do a DIY advent calendar for christmas... you know the ones with things in them that you open everyday of December... Then I thought, what would I put in them?

Then I had an idea to do mini gifts! You can use these to put in advent calendars, as stocking fillers, as christmas presents, for yourself or just to get inspired! So, this is how it is going to work. Every post I will do a different Mini DIY, and I am aiming for 5.

Lets get started!
The first Mini DIY is...

Mini Hair Bows!

1.You will need: ribbon, scissors, glue or needle and thread, clip or bobby pin
2. Sew the ends of your ribbon together to make a loop (I used 13cm of ribbon for mine)
3. Fold the piece in half then pinch it together in the middle
4. Get another piece of ribbon, and fold it in half to make the centre thinner. Wrap it around and hold it together at the back
5. Sew or glue the centre ribbon together, then slip a bobby pin or clip through the centre also.

I made lots! Have fun!
Next Mini DIY is... Simple Lip Gloss

chloe x