DIY picture notebooks

Hello everyone!
Today is a super-duper day because I am showing you how to make really simple and pretty notebooks! Here is what you need to do:

DIY picture notebooks

you will need:


and of course the essentials like scissors, glue, a ruler, a pencil etc.

how to do it:

1. Cut out your paper to whatever size you want, making sure when you fold it in half, it is evenly cut.

2. Now, using one of the pieces of paper you just cut as a size guide, cut out the paper you would like in the inside. I cut about 10 pieces so that I have 20 double-sided pages in my book.

optional step - use the card to reinforce your cover if it is weak, by glueing your front cover to a piece of card, then cutting out around the edge. This will make your cover stronger and less likely to tear.

3. Slip all the inside papers into the cover securely.

4. Now, using your needle and thread, bind the book together by first going through all the layers from the inside, middle page, and pulling through like so;

make sure you have a knot at the end of your thread!

5. Now turn your book over and put your needle through the spine about 2-4 cm away from where you just came through.

6. Pull and repeat, moving down the spine until you are close to the end.

7. On the inside, tie a knot to secure the thread like this;

8. Snip off the lose threads, fold your book in half and you are done!

You have a cute book you can draw in, write in, list ideas and anything you want!
I had a cute idea that you could write cute poems, quotes or sayings on each page and give it to a loved one or friend to remind them that you love them!

optional step - add some washi tape to the spine of your book to add a cute touch, cover your stitches if you messed up or make it stronger!

This one is only 5cm tall!

Have lots of fun and don't forget to show me if you make any of my DIY tutorials! I would love to see what you made!

Bye for now,
chloe x