DIY flags/bunting

Hello all...
I'm sorry but I haven't finished the advent calendar series yet... but trust me I am nearly done! Yesterday I had a little get-together with my friends and neighbours and I called it 'Crafting with Chloe'. I had an idea to do a different craft every session, and todays was bunting (although we didn't actually make bunting oops... a post coming up soon...)! So, here is one of the types of bunting we were going to make... They are more like flags I think, but they are gorgeous and really simple so I wanted to teach you how to make them!

DIY flags/bunting

you will need:

1. fabric
2. cotton tape, bias binding or fabric strips
3. sewing machine, scissors, pencil

what to do:

1. Draw the shape and size of the flag you would like on one of your fabric pieces with a pencil.

2. cut it out and rub out the pencil marks. Using this as a template, cut out the rest of your flags.

3. pin your flags inside a folded in half piece of cotton tape and evenly space them out.

4. Sew along the cotton tape with your flags in it. Make sure you are sewing through all the layers though!

5. Hang it up somewhere and you are done! Super simple right? And super pretty!

Hope you give it a go,
chloe x