DIY Advent Calendar

Hello Hello!

Sorry this is very late because it is December now! Oops! But, I promised to do it so here we go...

you will need:

scissors // paper // tape // string // pen // pegs

How to:

1 // Cut out 25 pieces of paper in a rectangle shape. Mine were 20 x 26 cm (ish)

2 // Fold the paper at about 7cm from the left side and 17cm from the left side into the center.

3 // Tape them together near the top edge.

4 // Fold up the bottom like you are wrapping a present, then tape.

5 // Now you have a little pocket! Make up all 25 of these... It takes a while!

6 // Put your little gifts or chocolate or sweets inside the little pockets and fold over the top. Hang up a piece of string and peg the pockets to it! These are my little chalkboard pegs! They are so cute! If you don't have these you can always use normal pegs and a piece of card to write the number on, or just write it on the pocket!

I would love to show you the whole thing but my camera can not fit it in because it spreads the whole way down my hall! Have fun making this or your own take, remember to look on pinterest, craft gawker and etsy for inspiration!

chloe x