DIY Pouch

Hello again!
I have not posted for a while now but I have come up with some fab new DIY and post ideas. Today is how to make an easy, useful and fun zipper pouch for all your little goodies you need to keep safe. Lets go!

For this pouch I have chosen a gorgeous herringbone fabric in olive green, a plain cotton for the lining and a 20cm zip for a decent sized pouch.

You will need:
The basics like scissors, needle and thread or sewing machine, pins etc. and:

1. Measure your zip against the outside fabric and cut the size you would like, while allowing extra for the sewing. Here is what mine looked like:

2. Using the fabric you just cut as a size guide, cut one more piece of the outside fabric and two of the lining fabric.

3. Take one of the lining fabrics and lay the zip over the top edge.

4. Lay one piece of the outside fabric face down over the top.

5. Pin the three layers in place.

6. Sew along the pins ( taking them out as you go ). If you are sewing on your sewing machine without a zipper foot, put your usual foot as close to the plastic zip as possible.

7. Once you are done, flip the fabrics over so the zip is showing. You have done one side.

8. Now, place the next piece of lining fabric under the zip.

9. Place the next piece of outside fabric over the top and pin the three layers in place.

10. Sew along the pins, taking them out as you go.

11. Flip the pieces over, then fold the pouch in half at the zip, with the lining fabric facing out.

12. Make sure you open the zip about half way, to make it a lot easier to turn it inside out! Now, pin the layers together in the line you want to sew around.

13. Sew around the line, taking the pins out as you go. Extra tip: reinforce the corners by double stitching them. Now cut off the excess fabric, being careful not to cut your stitching.

14. Turn the pouch inside-out and you are finished! A pretty pouch for all your pretty things!

Have fun!
chloe x