DIY Dream Catcher

Hello, today i will show you how to make a dream catcher. I love them and I have already made 4. Some of it is quite tricky so I have tried my best to explain it. Hope you enjoy!

DIY Dream catcher

you will need:

1. Grab your embroidery thread and ring. If you don't have a ring, you can make your own by wrapping wire in a circle. Mine is a scarf ring. Tie the thread onto the ring and start to wrap the thread around it.

2. Wrap and wrap and wrap. My thread ran out so I tied a new colour onto it and carried on wrapping. I like the way it turned out. When you get to where you started you can tie the strings together.

3. Now its time for the complicated bit. Start by tying your thread to the ring.

Pull the thread over the top of the ring while keeping a loop there.

Bring the thread round the ring and pull it through the loop.

Pull it tight and do the same over and over again.


under and through

pull tight

4. Do this until you get to where you started. Now do the exact same thing but on the circle of thread you just made. Keep on going until It looks pretty!

5. Time to make the feather bits! First, thread a crimp bead onto your thread then with the crimp still on the thread, push the feather tip into the crimp as well and squeeze the crimp. Now thread beads on the string.

6. Now tie the strings on to the ring.

7. Add a loop of embroidery thread to the top to hang your dream catcher.

My finished dream catcher! I love it so much. Have fun!

chloe x