DIY blog planning book

Hello! Today I will show you how I made this blog planning book. I think it is super useful! You can decorate your book however you would like. This is how I made it.

DIY blog planning book
you will need:
• paper, fabric or anything you want to cover your book in

• a book to cover

• glue stick
• scissors
• pen
• any extra decorations

how to:
1. cut out your paper about 5cm wider than your open book.
2. spread glue over the back cover of the book and position onto paper. Press and smooth out bubbles.
3. glue the spine, then the front cover and tightly stretch the paper onto the glued surface and smooth.
4. cut triangles off the corners of the paper. Fold the flaps over the book cover and glue down.
5. for extra neatness, either glue a piece of paper or the first page of the book to the inside of the cover.
6. decorate how you would like.

Now you can be organised with style!
have fun
chloe x