room snapshots

I honestly cannot believe it is already the end of November. Where did this year go? It seems like every day is flying by and if I don't do something productive soon I might sleep forever. 

I am just so excited to go to Melbourne at the end of this week and show you what I get up to going to my interviews and shopping it up! I am starting to believe that shopping is my stress relief which is not a good thing at all, oops. 

I took a few photos on my phone to show you my favourite corners of my room at the moment.

top to bottom, left to right:

a. organising my outfits for Melbourne as I imagine it will be a lot hotter than nz at the moment. I just love dressing for cold weather so much that it's going to be a challenge to dress for summer again! 

b. my little cluster of useful bits and bobs on my desk. I'm currently ditching minimalism and putting all the things I actually use within reach, I'm enjoying it so far! I have a pen/tool box, a mug of hand creams and a box of my favourite paper bits. It just makes me happy looking at all my favourite bits of stationery... yep I'm weird.

c. the other side of my desk has a box of easy to reach notebooks and paper and a few pretty things on my shelves.

d. I'm planning for Melbourne in a designated book from Muji, attempting to be super organised. I read This Modern Love, it's so pretty inside I really enjoyed it. I've been keeping my plans and thoughts in a mini gridded Moleskine notebook sort of in the style of a bullet journal for the past 5 months and I love it!

See you all soon!

- Chloe