life is good!

I think it's update time! It's been a month (or two) since I popped in to say hi so I thought I'd let you know what's been happening...

OK first and most importantly... I saw BTS in Sydney and ugly cried and died. I have been trying really hard to hide my complete and utter obsession with BTS for over a year now (did I do a good job?) Emily, my two friends from NZ and I all went to the concert last month. It was surreal and I still haven't processed that they were really right there in front of us... it was the best day ever. (ps. photo on the left was my concert outfit, photo on the right was how close we were ASKJDNS)

While I was in Sydney I got to meet the cutest @michaelaltaylor! Unfortunately it was the morning after the concert and we were all very tired and emotional so Michaela had to drag us around - luckily she was absolutely lovely and we all got along so well. 

Also! Exciting news! I got into uni again - I'm going to try the Diploma of Graphic Design which is only 1 year long. Short and sweet I'm hoping!! I have an info day on the 26th then I find out when I start. Up until now I have been working full time doing some graphic design, which has been an awesome experience but definitely hasn't left a spare minute for much else. I'm a bit relieved to be a uni student again tbh.

In 2 days time I finish work and take a 2 week holiday with one of my absolute favourite people who I haven't seen in probably 5 months now. Wow that was a lot of numbers sorry. But yes I am VERY excited to spend a bit of time making new content and being creative for myself again! Then I take a super quick trip back to NZ to see my family mid July too! It's allll happening and I'm so happy.

I'm going to leave you all with a little gallery of some photos from the past few months - have a click through if you like! Are you all doing super good? Exams? School? Work? Fun? What has inspired you recently?

Much love xx