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Hi - I’m Chloe.

I live in the middle of nowhere but I dream in New York, Paris and Seoul. I’m 18 but I feel too old and too young simultaneously. I love design and style but I have no clue what I want to do when I am released from school next year. This is my blog, and somehow you've found it, so I hope you enjoy.

I like cats, nice people, making stuff all the time, music, clothes, procrastinating, places with open skies or tall buildings and the knowledge that one day I could be doing something I really love.

I first started blogging in August 2012, mainly posting about things I created. 4 years later and I have developed a love for fashion, design and connecting with people around the world. Don't be shy to say hello on email or any social media  - I love making friends!

frequently asked questions

what camera do you use?

My family loves photography so in the past I have used multiple cameras including:

Nikon D40 - an older, beginner camera (my first DSLR) I recommend this if you are just starting out!

Nikon D7000 - I used to use this a few years back for my videos and photography and I did really like it.

Nikon D800E - My Dad's camera, a full frame professional camera that I don't recommend for beginners, but I used this for video and some photography.

Fujifilm X20 - I liked this camera for the looks, and it was a functional camera too but not to the standard that I wanted.

Nikon D5500 - my current camera and my favourite yet. I film my videos with this camera too and I love it.


how do you edit your photos?

I use Lightroom to store my photos and on the odd occasion I use VSCO film presets in Lightroom too.

I mainly edit my photos using photoshop as I am most familiar with it.


how do you edit your videos?

I use iMovie to edit and After Effects to add titles.


how do you create those collages/add your handwriting and textures to photos?

I always create my collages in photoshop, and I use a small Wacom Intous to draw and write over the top.


have a question, want to collaborate or just say hello? email me here.